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      4. Arkansas Public Finance

        Public Finance Market Watch

        In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.

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        Local legacy. National reach.

        Raymond James is a proven partner for issuers across Arkansas, with a strong presence in the state that began in 1931 with T.J. Raney and Sons and expanded in 1989, when Morgan Keegan acquired the assets and operations of the firm. In 2012, Raymond James and Morgan Keegan combined, resulting in one of the largest and most dynamic public finance practices in the country.

        Through institutional fixed income and public finance offices in Little Rock, Raymond James helps enable Arkansas issuers to achieve their goals and build their communities. And with underwriting expertise and a breadth of resources, Raymond James Public Finance is consistently named a top 10 municipal underwriter nationally*, while the firm’s commitment to Arkansas remains steadfast.


        employees in 32 offices in 14 cities statewide


        retail brokers with 28,971 accounts and over $6.4 billion AUM


        issues worth $4.5 billion executed in Arkansas in the last decade

        Stats as of 6/30/2019
        *Source: Bloomberg, based on total par amount (2014 - 2018). Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

        Full-service Capabilities

        • General obligation/General fund
        • Utilities
        • Higher education
        • Transportation/Aviation
        • Non-Ad valorem revenues
        • Taxable financings
        • Healthcare
        • Housing
        • POBs/OPEB
        • Tobacco securitization
        • School districts
        • Financial advisory services
        • Economic development projects
        • Investment of proceeds advisory
        • Limited tax obligations
        • Tax increment financing
        • Private placements
        • USDA financing
        • Rating agency strategy


        Daniel Allen
        Daniel Allen
        Senior Vice President
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        Photo of Cheryl Schluterman
        Cheryl Schluterman
        Senior Vice President
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        Patricia Quinn
        Patricia Quinn
        First Vice President
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        Mary Morgan Gladney
        Mary Morgan Gladney
        Read Bio
        Sam Nagel
        Sam Nagel
        Vice President
        Read Bio
        Chuck Ellingsworth
        Chuck Ellingsworth
        Managing Director, Higher Education Specialist
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        James Birdwell
        James E. Birdwell III
        Managing Director, Healthcare Finance Specialist
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        Blake Sanders
        Blake Sanders
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